Drawings, documents
and BIM 3D viewer - on site for everybody!

The value of mobile access to drawings, documents,  BIM viewer and data for everybody on site;  is very big! It makes it easy to collaborate, build according to design, resolve issues and find answers when they arise without delays.  Empower all teams with uniZite and  build a positive and proactive culture.

Latest version of drawings, documents and BIM guaranteed on site.

The seamless INTERAXO integration saves time and eliminate mistakes

Intuitive 2D/3D BIM navigator with off-line capability!

Manage drawings,models and versions in uniZite or use the automatic Interaxo integration!

Documents can be managed directly in uniZite project structure folders, with uniZite versioning.

New versions of documents in DMS tagged with uniZite project file destination is automatically up-loaded via integration.  Latest version guaranteed in the field.

Mark up drawings in the mobile - uniZite detects location and adds location data

Each markup issue type has its own design.  Areas, issues, RFIs, checklists and change orders can all be found and opened in the drawing as well as in the mobile  inbox or filtered list view.  One click  switch between the mobile  list view and the drawing location makes it easy to work efficiently.


Share issues with your teams and send field reports from your mobile

Live communication and information sharing in the field improves quality and productivity.  As digital  issues and workorders are  updated live,  the field reporting can be totally automated.  A uniZite  report is tailored in design an content compricing:  notes, pictures, drawing location sections,  object parameters and issue states. 

Intuitive BIM navigation integrated with the 2D floorplane drawings

BIM improves collaboration in the design phase, reducing clashes, changes and rework. uniZite BIM on site; will do the same during construction.

BIM parameter Information from the design model to the field – quality, change and “as built” information back from the field to the model. 

uniZite connect the production phase to the building life cycle via BIM integration.