Field construction software configurable to support your way of working!

uniZite support your way of planning,  working and reporting in the field. uniZite is flexible and you can even configure  your own  modules.  Companies and projects have different processes and levels of on-site digitizing  – uniZite support your specific project needs. Even reports in unizite can be tailored to match any specific design. uniZite is an Enterprise  solution that supports  Industry- and corporate standards to enable  compliance and analysis for contineous  improvement. 

Tailor by configuration - and decrease IT costs.

Super easy and intuitive mobile user interface.

Keep control with uniZite workflows and notifications

Self instructive, intuitive and a pleasure to use.

The uniZite app works online/offline and offer world class performance  and resolution in BIM and pdf modules. The integration of project “home” information and e-learning adds value in multi language projects with users of different digital skills and experience.

Project overview in the new uniZite start center

The new office web offers a project start center with overview  per solution and  functions for module and project configuration. The start center gather  data from one to many projects  in the same gadgets.   Analyse one project or look for insights  by choosing  several projects.

The new start center replace many complex reports!

uniZite best practice solutions

uniZite has a number of  standard solutions.  The standard solutions can be implemented in a few minutes.  Customers can build their own solutions by combining functional modules . Corporate solutions and uniqe modules can be combined to support specific project needs.

License by project value and invite all field and office teams - at no additional cost per user!

In uniZite you can invite users to your project at no additional cost per user. This helps collaboration and digitizing the project as well as the whole industry!  You can be a user invited to  several projects licensed by different licenses.  

You can have different permissions and roles per project.  -Log in and start working in one of your projects! 

Modules & Solutions

General functionality
Inspection and field reporting
Project M logbook
Construction collaboration
Planning & progress
Quality management
Safety management
Change management
Handover & warranty
Automatic reports
Configurable reports
Multi asset
Order types
Checklist deviation
Markup deviation
Work order
Change order