Field construction software configurable to support your way of working!

uniZite support your way of planning, working and reporting in the field. uniZite is flexible and you can even configure your own modules and save them as templates per project type for efficient reuse. Companies and projects have different processes and levels of on-site digitizing – uniZite support your specific project needs! 

Even reports in uniZite can be tailored to match any specific design. uniZite is an Enterprise solution that supports Industry and corporate standards to enable compliance and analysis for continuous improvement. 

Tailor by configuration - and reuse project templates

Super easy and intuitive mobile user interface

Keep control with uniZite start center and notifications

Self instructive, intuitive and a pleasure to use

The uniZite app works online/offline and offer world class performance, resolution in 3D BIM and pdf modules. In uniZite you can work with checklists and tasks in inboxes and list views as well as directly on the drawings. Smart filters makes it fast and easy to find what you are looking for on the drawing or in the lists! The project home pages is an efficient way to reach all on-site teams with the latest information or projects standards. 

uniZite has language management to make it easy for everyone on-site to contribute!

Live analytics in uniZite start center

A new analysis graph can be configured based on one to several projects in a minute, and gives immediate control of the situation. The start center and project overview make the actual situation visible and make it possible to make proactive decisions based on data and provide insights for improvement in future projects!

  •  Which top 5 disciplines / suppliers are responsible for the most obstacles or deviations during the last quarter?
  • What top 5 types of safety deviations have occurred at the site since construction started?

Reporting and notification

uniZite has a market leading field reporting module. Reports can be tailored and generated manually and shared form the app, web or set up for automatic distribution per group. Reports in uniZite are excel, word documents and dynamic drill down reports with direct links into the system issue itself. This way uniZite reporting is just not a way to automate reporting work – its an integrated part of the project collaboration.

The flexibility in reporting is especially valuable when formal documents like hand over agreements or consultant reports are designed. It not only smart – it looks grate as well!


uniZite checklists

Powerful checklist – is one of the most important functional areas in field software. uniZite checklist are configured to support inspections, quality, safety, progress reporting or any other process. A uniZite checklist has configurable parameters used to define assets, quality demands or any other information like planned start and assigned team. The checklist also has a relation to all observations and deviations created from the checklist which is powerful when working directly in the drawing and in report generation. Checklist templates with its points and parameters can be creates and reused per project type – fast and and easy project start! Check!

Order types - best practice or your own configuration!

uniZite comes with preconfigured tasks and issue types per process  out of the box – plug and play! These are: deviation, documentation, mark-ups,  RFI,  general issue, change and obstacle.  The standard can be modified by adding  parameters and renaming or if needed customer and project specific issue types can be configured and saved together with checklists in application modules for reuse.  Order types are also included in the uniZite permission management – who can create-change-view is set up in template as well as changed in the project!

Project templates, user management and permissions

uniZite users are organized in groups with configurable permissions. One single user can belong to different groups with different permissions in several projects – both as a licensed user and as an invited user to other licensees projects – smart collaboration!!

The licensed modules in a uniZite customer application can be configured and saved as project templates. This  combines fast project start up with an application of corporate process and follow up standards.