uniZite - Smart digital construction

The uniZite mission is about digitizing field construction processes in close co-operation with our customers and partners in the industry. We contribute to safer, more productive and more sustainable construction projects. This is our mission.

We do not believe that value can be obtained by simply implementing our field construction software – digitizing the construction site is a challenging but rewarding change process that demands IT- and industry knowledge in combination with a holistic view and understanding of all perspectives of the construction process. This humble insight in combination with professionalism and team commitment defines us and our brand.

The design of the uniZite cloud platform and our modularized products is built to match the  field workplace reality. 

Construction projects  can be very different – even between projects in the same company. The industry is digitizing   “project by project” collaborating  at an  increasing level of digitization and integration . The mission is clear and the potential is huge -but it will take some time and effort to reach the productivity and quality breakthrough.   To support the industry in this mission uniZite is designed  with focus on flexibility by configuration, to support different workflows and different levels of digital process support.

Over the years we have developed;  respect for construction industry conditions and a professional team culture. 

The uniZite story

In 2012 our founder Henrik Sauleda took his knowledge about advanced graphic software technology and created the first version of the uniZite checklist and mark up solution.  In 2012 uniZite successfully implemented a digital collaborative platform, to ensure progress and quality in the construction of a big hospital in Norway.  


The project was behind schedule when the uniZite platform was introduced, so the system was really put to the test. Thanks to strong leadership and the process support provided by the uniZite platform, the project team and all the contractors were able to assess the status of 900 rooms, in order to plan and collaborate efficiently to get back on track and hand over in time.

“The uniZite platform development has been step by step,  but according to firm design principles. This is why we can scale the solution with new configurable modules as well as deeper functionality without loss of performance” Says Tony Marti, Manager of product development in uniZite.

” The strategic focus has always been to support the field processes at the construction site. As digitizing speeded up a lot of on-site apps surfaced – one for each task or process – we decided to offer it all as modules in one on-site uniZite platform. As construction supply chains and construction lifecycle solutions become integrated – uniZite will be an integrated part of the whole system”  says Johan Nordh uniZite  product manager 

In 2019 a new strategy was adopted for uniZite. The plan is to keep the successful development process in co-operation with the leading customers, but also to offer more streamlined  standard applications to existing and new markets.   Outside Scandinavia uniZite will go to market with a partner channel  strategy.  A simple and attractive partner program is put in place. 

“The customers will get the best out of two worlds with uniZite – industry standard modules and the possibility to tailor applications and processes  by configuration ” says Tord Svanqvist CEO.