Field BIM Collaboration

– increase on-site productivity, quality and safety

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Drawings and BIM on site

Inspections and field reporting

Project manager logbook

Construction collaboration

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Drawings and BIM on site

Make it easy to collaborate, build according to design, resolve issues and find answers when they arise without delays. Empower all teams with uniZite and build a positive and proactive culture.

Inspections and field reporting

The uniZite field app is totally dynamic and generates views as you set up the checklists in office. The app has off-line capability.

Project manager logbook

The uniZite logbook is an integrated part of the field app and it is more than just daily notes and pictures – it’s a collaboration tool that follow up on all issues!

Construction collaboration

Efficient collaboration between customers, contractors, consultants and the supply chain, results in higher quality, lower costs and projects delivered on time.

Quality management

When field quality data is added to a standardized BIM information model valuable insights for analysis and continuous improvement can be obtained.

Safety management

Safety first is a top priority at the construction jobsite. It is much more than to comply to regulations and create the required reports.

Change management

uniZite can support a complete change order process including basis for invoicing as well as initiating change in upstream DMS and BIM coordination processes.

Smart digital construction

The uniZite mission is about digitizing field construction processes in close co-operation with our customers and partners in the industry. We contribute to safer, more productive and more sustainable construction projects. This is our mission.

We have expertise in digital construction

Self instructive, intuitive and a pleasure to use.

The uniZite app works online/offline and offer world class performance and resolution in BIM and pdf modules. The integration of project “home” information and e-learning adds value in multi language projects with users of different digital skills and experience.